The Future Never Gives Up

The future never gives up on us.

It waits with patient grace
ensconced in the knowledge of
goodness that awaits our arrival
as it keeps moving forward in time
keeping safe the next wave of goodness.



This is why I cannot watch the evening news.  13 minutes of viewing and this writing is my only way to partly purge how I’m left feeling.

Surely, it is easier to love each other versus perilous expressions of violence and death throughout the globe?

Sighs. Tonight I shall write, finish a painting, and pray love and shalom will shower our world.  Tomorrow I shall not watch the news.


I cannot archive my heart
inside walled off chambers of numb.
Rather, the scraping pain of sorrow
unfurls in a sob of release.

Whilst mourners draft stealth exits
under veils of tears,
the angst-stricken fist shakers
protest blocking the way.

No more innocent eyes or unsullied minds.
Drafted into truth far too soon,
children huddle in trembling knots.


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.06.57 AM

Time stood still with you.
More than once.
Love and laughter echo
on and on, always.
Driving down a windy mountain road
in chilly late afternoon tree shadows.
Picking daisies in a meadow under
the ‘no trespassing’ sign because
we could.

Dancing to the music of our hearts
along a mountain ridge with waterfalls
laughing below.

Walking into Ocean holding hands as
though strolling down a lane,
smiling like idiots with the
setting Sun our witness.

So many memories of time
standing still with you.

Gone you are
with Yoda-esque nerve
and wise words laced
with love.

Through the mist of time
I see you now joined with Sun’s silent
witness and Moon’s elegant song.
Your stark absence cannot dull
the echoes of laughter and love
that continue on and on in
gentle waves in the chambers
of my heart.

Shadows Cast Love

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.34.06 AM

There are trespassers moving through our lives

who take rather than give.  They hoard love

like a starving prisoner of war, giving it 

neither to themselves nor to others.

Then there are people whose mere presence is joy, 

even when it doesn't feel so. 

Their shadows cast love.

Their words speak life.

The strength of the latter

overcomes the former








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Jealousy’s Whip

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.03.58 PM

Jealousy lashes with whip-like intensity.

The venom of insecurity slithers through word cracks

destroying heart notes like acid on flesh.

Crimson claws gouge deep holes in the soul

like a demonic monster freed from its cage.


Jealousy, much like March, comes in like a lion

and exits like a lamb. 

Gashes heal.


This too shall pass.