The Future Never Gives Up

The future never gives up on us.

It waits with patient grace
ensconced in the knowledge of
goodness that awaits our arrival
as it keeps moving forward in time
keeping safe the next wave of goodness.


Walk This Way …


The lies we tell ourselves are interesting islands in time.
Fears pontificated.
Habits rehearsed and reenacted, consciously and unconsciously.
Stalwart traditions of a lifetime.

When Hope comes calling its voice is often drowned out by the cynicism of those who ‘know’ us, those who think our every step predictable.

Listen well to Hope’s shouts and whispers.
Hope lifts up your heart when cynicism would seek to deflate it and walk away happily chuckling.

Ah, but when Truth speaks, it may be different.
The melodious rhythym  of Truth floats with unreserved mastery above those other voices.
It speaks with heart tickling reality.
Truth sets the hairs on end on the back of your neck
and raises goosebumps of recognition on your arms.
Truth says, “Go this way.” “You CAN do it!” “You are worthy!” “You are loved!”

I believe in you.
You have a future and a Hope.
The pathway of Truth has been carved for you.
Walk this way …