Free Fall

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All around us

freedom does a free fall

calling out your invitation.

Birds free fall together,

wing tips touching,

swirling through the sky

in harmony.

Musical notes rise and fall

through crescendos meeting

to rise and fall again

in harmony.

Lovers embrace, shift and change,

shimmering with light and bursting

with power and rhythm

in harmony.

Our very design cries out, "FREEDOM",

yet do we rise and fall and rise again

within ourselves?

Do we soar on breath and light

as the empowered beings we are?

Do we remember we are supernatural beings

having a natural experience



it can be

in harmony?

As love's unconditional embrace


freedom's cry and free fall,

let the harmony begin

and free fall into







Cowardice Is Like Kleptomania

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Cowardice is like kleptomania because it steals from you without reason.

Cowardice crushes dreams with fear.

Cowardice is an inner bully shaming you for being you.

Cowardice is not your enemy but it tricks your mind and spirit into thinking you are less than the brilliant created being you are.

Exchange cowardice for courage.  Courage is the underrated cousin of Cowardice. Courage is simply being afraid and saying or doing ‘that thing’ anyway.

Today is a good day to make the exchange.  Be like Joshua. Be strong and very courageous.



Not Now, But …

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No more gumdrops and fairytales made into technicolor
adventures in my mind’s theatre.
No more summer days laying in wheat fields while clouds
float by telling their tales with fancy swirls and swishes.
No more hiding behind couches with a flashlight to devour
the latest mystery book narrowly escaping parental demands for sunshine.

Ah … but now …

Early mornings curled up on my side looking out the open window,
with fresh breeze stroking my skin.
Birds sing their way into the new day as peace arises in my heart and body.

Evening walks in the orchard whilst giving thanks for the trees and treading gingerly on muddy clods of dirt beneath moon glow skies.

Putting brush to canvas and to form white clouds with swirls and swishes above a young girl lying in a golden wheat field watching the summer magic drift by in silent wonder.