The Shadow Of My Heart


Oft times ’tis only the shadow of my heart
which dares peek out of this cave
to test the world’s currents.
Be they love today or more hate?

Ah, hate.

The shadow of my heart dips
back into the cave.

Yet being an optimistic heart,
like the groundhog,
the shadow will appear again and again
until it sees love on bright display.

Ah, love.
Deep sigh of ‘yes’.

Time to play!

The daily adventures of an empath … 🙂


One Day

Most of us want to be just like our mother or our father when we are growing up.

Then we get a bit older, still growing up, still at home, and we don’t want to be anything like our parents.

One day, we are grown.

One day, we simply want to be ourselves.