Our Job

My random thoughts this morning after an unfortunate trip through some very negative social media posts.  This is not directed toward any specific person.

Our job is not to judge each other.

Our job is to love each other.

While I do not believe life or love is about performance, I wonder what would happen if how we lived and what we received was based upon how well we loved or how much we judged?

Perhaps a moment of self evaluation would be handy about now?

Do you deserve a merit raise based on your loving ways?

Or do you perhaps deserve a time of probation to remedy the destructive trait of judging?  Harshly judging one’s self or others is  humanity misspent.

You cannot be fired from life so take comfort in that.  Your thoughts and actions that fall short of love may be transmuted in the blink of an eye setting you free to be love.

Know that I love you just as you are.   I love you enough to challenge you toward introspection, self-forgiveness and personal transformation.

There is an abundance of love, joy, peace and fun awaiting you on the other side of judgement.  Walk this way, peak over the top of those judgmental thoughts and actions.  Yes, right there.  Isn’t it gorgeous on the either side?  C’mon. I’ve saved you a seat.



Shame is the nemesis of truth and love.

Turn every encounter with this nemesis
into an opportunity to transform and grow.

Overcoming the shame nemesis
is worthy of Olympic gold.

This gold medal includes elements of
transmuting powers,
and peace,

Ever-loving peace.


Whilst the shame nemesis is powerful and not an opponent
to be underestimated
or mocked,
it is no match for love and peace.

Love yourself through the shame nemesis.
On the other side is a sparkly gold medal
full of exceeding abundance.

You are worthy.

You can do this.

Will you love yourself enough to believe the truth of love
over the lies of shame?

I love you.
I believe in you.

Today Google Beat Me

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.46.11 PM

Spoiler Alert In Reverse aka Why Could I Not Leave Well Enough Alone?

I used to be diametrically opposed to reading the end of a book. Same for movies or shows – don’t fast forward, no spoiler alerts wanted, no one tell me the ending or else!

But now I get so flippin’ involved in the storyline.  If watching a series, I have to know if a character is going to be okay or not. It is as though while my skill of empathy has increased, that trait has expanded everywhere; including books read and movies or shows watched.

Currently, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I watched it for several seasons years ago but cannot remember when I stopped watching or why.  Maybe because I haven’t had cable tv for years because I quit watching tv?  Maybe because I had better things to do taking care of real life drama versus tv drama?

The show has gotten to a super dramatic part and I just ‘had’ to know if a particular character was going to croak or live.

So I googled the answer.

And I found out something about a different character that I did not want to know!

Oh, Google, your fickle ways have finally outdone my penchant for needing to know the secret. Today, Google, you beat me.  Today, I was my own gate-crashing, spoiler alert giver.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Filled To The Brim

I’m filled up to the brim with word adventures
peeking forth from my soul.
Divine mysteries bubble up and rise
as wise doves gently circling above.

Questions appear in thought forms to be
answered by the stealth knowledge that
is always at the ready.

Ask and you shall receive.

Yet silence is become my voice of late.
The trippy trappy space of unknowingness
that sings Wisdom’s elegant tone
whilst companion words keep their heads
quaintly tucked under rocks of ‘not now’.

So many sounds I could form with these words
cloistered in silent bliss under said rocks.