Writing is an intimate process for me often stimulated by random experiences and life’s unexpected wave of emotions.  A phrase of dialogue may tickle haiku to form instantly.  Or a piece of music stirs me and poetic lines write themselves in my mind’s eye.  If the laptop is not nearby, I will find myself scrambling for pen and paper or for the writing app on my phone.

For a long time, I felt my writing was ‘too’ whatever to share.  Too dreamy, too ethereal, too emotional, too spiritual, too painful, too ooey gooey lovey dovey or simply not interesting to anyone but me.

And then I got older.  Now I’m experiencing that stage of life I’ve heard about but never thought was actually true.  What others may or may not think is becoming less and less important to me and simply enjoying the exquisite moments in my day climbs higher in priority.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I love it when if readers like or even love my writing, but like or not, write I must.  There is something particularly joyful about hitting the ‘publish’ button to share random word musings with the WP world.  I’ve been experiencing this joy for a few years publishing an anonymous blog and now want to enjoy just being me in this public offering.


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