Today Google Beat Me

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.46.11 PM

Spoiler Alert In Reverse aka Why Could I Not Leave Well Enough Alone?

I used to be diametrically opposed to reading the end of a book. Same for movies or shows – don’t fast forward, no spoiler alerts wanted, no one tell me the ending or else!

But now I get so flippin’ involved in the storyline.  If watching a series, I have to know if a character is going to be okay or not. It is as though while my skill of empathy has increased, that trait has expanded everywhere; including books read and movies or shows watched.

Currently, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I watched it for several seasons years ago but cannot remember when I stopped watching or why.  Maybe because I haven’t had cable tv for years because I quit watching tv?  Maybe because I had better things to do taking care of real life drama versus tv drama?

The show has gotten to a super dramatic part and I just ‘had’ to know if a particular character was going to croak or live.

So I googled the answer.

And I found out something about a different character that I did not want to know!

Oh, Google, your fickle ways have finally outdone my penchant for needing to know the secret. Today, Google, you beat me.  Today, I was my own gate-crashing, spoiler alert giver.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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