Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 7.55.21 AM.png

Rooted in the core of my being

is a deep



for God.

It is unwavering.

I question God, but not his wisdom or his love.

I question the bizarre things I see / hear done in The Church.

I question the conditional nature of love exchanged between most people,

me often included,

but never the unconditional love of God.

For me, he is not far away floating on a cloud or seated on a golden throne
ruling imperiously over his wayward children.

For me, he is in me, around me, ever present.

In him, I find a belonging peace which passes understanding that is untarnished
by soul troubles or people problems.

Nothing can separate me from his love.
Neither height,
nor depth,
nor powers,
nor principalities,
nor other people (!) can separate me from his love.

I sometimes waver


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