True Grace

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.43.27 AM

False grace coddles and diminishes personal power.
False grace looks shiny on the outside,
builds the ego of its giver
and perpetuates wrong.

A pastor friend of mine once defined ‘grace’
as God’s power under control.
To me, that is gorgeous.

I define false grace as man’s ego run amok.

True grace is messy.
True grace makes room for humanity.
True grace is the unconditional loving of someone
whom others have rejected or determined unworthy.

True grace gives with warrior-like prowess while
false grace tiptoes away hoping its owners’ cowardice goes unnoticed.

What emerges from receiving true grace
is the finest of treasure,
burnished by fire,
polished by adversity
and cradled in love.

Perhaps I should rename myself Receiver of True Grace.

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