Not Now, But …

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.26.14 AM

No more gumdrops and fairytales made into technicolor
adventures in my mind’s theatre.
No more summer days laying in wheat fields while clouds
float by telling their tales with fancy swirls and swishes.
No more hiding behind couches with a flashlight to devour
the latest mystery book narrowly escaping parental demands for sunshine.

Ah … but now …

Early mornings curled up on my side looking out the open window,
with fresh breeze stroking my skin.
Birds sing their way into the new day as peace arises in my heart and body.

Evening walks in the orchard whilst giving thanks for the trees and treading gingerly on muddy clods of dirt beneath moon glow skies.

Putting brush to canvas and to form white clouds with swirls and swishes above a young girl lying in a golden wheat field watching the summer magic drift by in silent wonder.

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